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Landing Page Rip Clean Service for Affiliate Marketers/ Internet Marketers

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No time or technical knowledge to rip-clean your lander? Want to launch your campaigns at speed and start making $$$$? – Landing Page Rip Clean Service is your solution.

We can help you Rip, Clone, Copy and Clean any Lander with Speed Optimization and Customization.

We are one of the top landing page ripping and cleaning service providers. Our services are trusted by top internet marketers, spy tools like Anstrex and super-affiliates all around the world.                

Our services are ideal for affiliate marketers/internet marketers who use ad-networks like Taboola, Outbrain, Propeller-ads, Zeropark, Facebook, Google etc – Especially recommended if you spied and found landers you want to test.


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Fast-Turnaround Time

We understand that affiliates care about the speed of execution – the faster they can get their landers cleaned – the faster they can launch campaigns and make $$$. Therefore our turn-around time is perfectly optimized for them – Get your lander properly ripped, cleaned and ready to use in your campaign in less than 24 hours (mostly within 5-6 hours).

Custom Scripts

We can add custom scripts like back button redirect script to your landing page which will redirect any visitors who clicks on the back button to a URL of your choice. Want to keep visitors on your landing page and disable the back button? This is possible as well. Adding this script to your page will increase your ROI.

Speed Optimized

A fast loading lander is extremely important, especially if you are running high volume campaigns on mobile devices. We make sure that the landers load as fast as possible so that you can make the most $$$$ out of your paid traffic.


We can change/customize lander as per your requirements (put translations, edit code, edit design, edit images etc). Just send the text, images, and any other changes you need. We can also replace the click URL or any other outgoing link with your own click URL.

Responsive, Secure and Reliable

We ensure that there are no sneaky redirect codes, click stealers or hidden backdoors that quietly suck your traffic away. This makes lander reliable to use. We also make the lander responsive so that it looks good on different screen types.

Landing page cleaning is an investment that you'll make back fairly quickly.

How does it work?

  • Message us on our telegram @sethinitin or skype.

  • Send us the link and screenshot of the lander you want to be ripped-cleaned.

  • Get your lander delivered in a zip file (or uploaded to your hosting). 

  • Run your ad campaigns and make money.

Our workflow:

  • Rip the landing pages.  

  • Manually download files that could not be ripped. 

  • Replace external links with your click URL

  • Replace JS files with their CDN version to decrease lander load time.

  • Speed Optimization 

  • DEobfuscate Suspicious JavaScript

  • Use our internal tools to do a second check on code accuracy, efficiency and speed.

  • Read all code line-by-line and Remove all Malicious Code - Manually code problematic parts   

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes we can help you setup servers, upload lander files or fix any issues that you face.

We can either send you the zip file of the lander which you can upload on your server or we could upload the files for you.

We are front-end developers and can help you with any task. We are proficient at customizing the lander to your needs. 

This is the business of trust. We know that our growth depends on your growth. We NEVER share your landers with anyone.

Client Testimonials

I am speechless. I came across this team now 3-4 times to help me and in less than 30 minutes resolved my issue. The Landers Club is super patient, kind, and positive and definitely, they know what they are doing !!! Very valuable and trusted !!!

Laura Lopez


Excellent work, excellent communication, perfect timing. Worked multiple times with the landers club - will keep coming in the future too.

William R.

Affiliate Marketer

Wanted a complex design ready in just 5 days, thought it was really hard, but The Landers Club delivered it in just 3 days. Perfect communication, perfect work.

Amelie Angelina

Amazon Seller

Always a pleasure to work with The Landers Club. Extremely professional and high-quality work - Their work shows they actually cares for the success of my business.

Chris W.

Founder - Tech Giant

Very smooth experience. Love the code quality, fast delivery, and is very responsive with communication. Worked 5 times already - will keep working in the future too.

Harry S.

Affiliate Marketer

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